The Chamber will engage an expert place-branding firm with vast experience in assisting cities in developing a comprehensive brand proposition. The place-branding firm will spend several intensive days in Redding, understanding what makes our community unique. This will culminate in a report which includes suggestions of things that can be done locally at low cost to improve our brand.


The Chamber will facilitate collaboration by involving a broad spectrum of community stakeholders – including local businesses, investors, artists, government and civic leaders, historians, non-profits, healthcare organizations, educators, and the tourism industry. The Chamber will conduct stakeholder meetings, community surveys, and interviews to help define what we want to be known for as a city.


Project research and input from the community will be assimilated to create a new brand strategy for Redding. This phase includes defining the place identity, a full report containing an action plan, and a summary of how the strategy will be implemented.


The Chamber will collaborate with partner organizations and local businesses to begin the implementation of the new place branding strategy.  There will also be a framework created to measure results over the next 5 to 10 years.