The Administration of Justice curriculum prepares students for careers in a variety of criminal justice agencies on the local, state, and national levels. The program is designed to instruct students on the principles of the various justice systems and subsystems. Emphasis on academic and practical exposure to such concepts as evidence collection, criminal investigations, community relations, firearms training, traffic enforcement and patrol procedures are stressed. The curriculum also prepares the student to transfer to a four-year university and academically compete in a B.S. or B.A. degree program. In addition, computer literacy and technological advances in the fields of crime prevention and detection are integral parts of the program.


Program Requirements

Associate Degree Major: Administration of Justice

This program is designed for students who wish to enter the law enforcement field and for those who are either full or part-time members of law enforcement agencies wishing to upgrade their skills and knowledge. Although each agency’s hiring requirements vary, this Associates Degree will enhance the student’s marketability in the hiring process. This program is also designed for students in fields closely related to the administration of justice and for students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution for completion of a B.A. or B.S. degree in criminal justice or a related discipline.

Course Units
ADJ 1001 – Intro to Administration of Justice 3
ADJ 1503 – Legal Aspects of Evidence 3
ADJ 1505 – Criminal Investigation 3
ADJ 1517 – Community Relations 3
ADJ 2002 – Concepts of Criminal Law 3
ADJ 2522 – California Statutory Law 3
Complete one of the following:
ADJ 2014 – Level III Reserve Officer Training 9
ADJ 2512 – PC 832 Reserve Officer Training 3
Complete one of the following:
ADJ 2014 – Level III Reserve Officer Training 9
ADJ 2506 – Patrol Procedures 3
ADJ 2507 – Traffic Enforcement Concepts 3
ADJ 2516 – Level II Reserve Officer Training 12
ADJ 2524 – Introduction to Corrections 3
ADJ 2526 – Principles of Criminal Defense 3
Total Units Required 24 – 39
Alternative major requirement: 34.5
ADJ 2050 – Basic Police Academy (Satisfactory completion of ADJ 2050 will also fulfill completion of the major) 34.5


Note: Substitutions of elective courses for a required course will be based on individual semester adjustments to course offerings and will require the approval of the ADJ Coordinator, Dean of Technical Education, and/or Instruction Council.

For an Associate Degree Major, students must also complete general education requirements. Please refer to the Associate Degree general education requirements in the Schedule of Classes for a list of acceptable courses. Make an appointment with a COS counselor for assistance in completing the general education requirements.

Reserve Officer Training

The Reserve Officer Training Program at College of the Siskiyous fulfills all the requirements for an individual to be certified as a Level III and Level II reserve police officer for the State of California. A student who successfully completes both Level III and Level II reserve programs will have completed 1/2 of the basic academy instruction (445 hours). A student could then attend a participating academy and take the balance of the hours to fulfill the total 664 hourly requirements of the Basic Academy (Level I). Both reserve programs require a significant hourly commitment on the part of the student.

Certificate Course Units
PC 832 ADJ 2512 – PC832 Training (67 hrs) 3
Level III Reserve Officer ADJ 2014 – Level III Reserve Officer Training (170 hrs) 9
Level II Reserve Officer ADJ 2516 – Level II Reserve Officer (212 hrs) 12


Note: All students who are not affiliated with an agency must submit to a fingerprint check and be cleared by the Department of Justice prior to being allowed to participate in the firearms portion of the reserve training.

Completion of math, writing and reading assessments are required for enrollment in any certificate or AA/AS degree program.┬áPlease contact Counseling Services for more information: (530) 938-5353. Students must receive a “C” grade or better in all major or certificate coursework.


ADJ Coordinator
Jeremiah LaRue
(530) 938-5599

Michele Korkowski, Instructor
(530) 938-5559

Program Contact
Career and Technical Education Department
(530) 938-5512