Monday, August 20, 2018
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Minor Parent Services

mps200x267The Minor Parent Service Program (MPS) is a voluntary program for any teen under the age of eighteen who is either pregnant or a custodial parent, who has never been married, who is granted TANF, and who has his/her own household. MPS provides home-based and direct services designed to support families, provides education on infant health and development, nutrition, parenting skills, life skills and any other issues determined by Children’s Protective Services (CPS) to be needed by the teen and his/her family. Teens are eligible as long as they receive TANF, remain unmarried, and are under eighteen years of age. Teens are referred to NVCSS and the MPS program through CPS by means of a safety plan which outlines the services to be provided. The teen and the MPS case manager develop a comprehensive individual assessment and service plan. The case manager facilitates implementation of the service plan, monitors the client’s situation, arranges periodic reviews and updates, and furnishes reports as required to CPS.