Our Story

The story of Siskiyou Forest Products is a family affair.

It begins in Siskiyou County where (Uncle's name) Duchi was born. As a young man, he worked at the box Factory in Weed owned by International paper making boxes for everything from fruit to ammunition. (Father's name), (Uncle)'s brother worked at the lumber mills in the area. When they moved to Sacramento State, they found jobs at lumber mills as well. When the brothers graduated, (Father) went to work as a construction inspector for the county. (Uncle) continued in lumber at Georgia


(Uncle) worked as a salesman for Georgia Pacific in the early part of the 1970s. He was transferred to Los Angeles where he worked for two days before declaring "There's not enough money to keep me here." He took 17,000 dollars and started his own company in Rocklin, just south of Sacramento.

Due to his connections, he was able to establish a remanufacturing plant turning bulk wood into custom orders for contractors and mobile home manufacturers. The plant began focused on consumer and small contractor projects but by the late 90s the operation had shifted to focus more on industrial quantities.

In 2008, we lost 48% of our business in 3 months. Until the recession that year, a huge portion of business had focused on manufacturing door and window frames, a market which dried up in the U.S.A. and moved overseas. Until this, we had been split between softwood and hardwood products but now focused exclusively on the three hardwood products you'll find on our website now.

Redwood, Red Cedar, and Yellow Cedar are all exceptional trees for lumber and in addition grow only in our area, giving us a clear advantage when it comes to importing the raw material from which we make our products. Although we ship all over the country, our products come from Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California.