For over 40 years we have been manufacturing top-quality wood products.

Our products will last a lifetime in the right hands. We select them with the craftsman in mind. We choose hard, naturally insect-repellant woods which when treated well will last for decades even in the hardest climates.

Raw Wood

We specialize in high-end lumber free of knots, stains, and rot. We buy at quantity and mill to length. All our products are designed to handle wood stains, routing, and surfacing to provide beautiful custom finishes.

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Engineered & Reserve Trim

Our RESERVE line of trim is specially manufactured and treated to create the highest quality product available. Using the state-of-the art application and curing equipment, our premium Western Red Cedar and Redwood stock is made to last for many generations.

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Sis-Q-Logs were created to recycle the natural by-product of running a lumber plant; sawdust. Unlike other firelog brands that are made with pencil shavings, wax and glue, Sis-q-logs are 100% condensed sawdust.

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Darren Duchi
Sales — Anderson

Monte Acquistapace
Sales — Anderson

Fred Duchi
Purchasing — Anderson

Bill Duchi
Sales — Weed