July 2017

Prayer Calendar

  1.  A Naaman Center therapist says she LOVES coming here.  She has seen a lot of progress in the guests she is seeing.  She says that the support that guests receive here at WSM is a huge part of why she is able to see such progress.
  2. Praise for a great Day of Wonder at Dutch Wonderland in June. The weather was perfect and the mom and kids we so happy.
  3. Pray for all the families and friends gathering this weekend.
  4. Thank you for this country’s independence. Thank you for such a diverse country that allows us to celebrate our differences and worship the Lord without worry.
  5. Pray for a staff member and her husband as they move to Wisconsin. Pray for minimal stress and that they will find a great community to connect with.
  6. Pray for a staff member’s grandfather who is having major respiratory complications.
  7. Pray for the moms as they continue to adjust to having the kids around all the time. Pray for patience and grace.
  8. Praise for summer gatherings with family and friends. Praise for the extra time to connect with community.
  9. Pray for all the residents who are transitioning out of our programs. Pray for strength and perseverance as they continue to move forward with their life.
  10. Praise for the new Children’s Ministry support member, Tyler. Pray that he will make great connections with the kids at the mission.
  11. Pray that our open staff positions will be filled with just the right person for the job.
  12. Praise God for Westminster Presbyterian Church for taking their VBS on the road to Water Street! We’re excited for our kids to have such a great experience for the next 4 days.
  13. Pray for those looking for a job. Pray for God’s hand to be in the situations.
  14. Thank you for all the support through our Fiscal Year End Appeal. We are so thankful for everyone who gave!
  15. 15 Romans 12:9 “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.”
  16. 16 Pray for people struggling with long-term illnesses and health complications. Continue to pray for complete healing and wisdom for the doctors to know how to treat the symptoms.
  17. 17 Pray as the new volunteer management system works out its kinks. Pray for patience for Pamela and the volunteers.
  18. Praise for all our community partners.
  19. Pray for the new people entering our program. Pray that they will find their rhythm, find the path that God has set for them.
  20. Pray for the Governance committee meeting happening today.
  21. Pray for protection as people travel for vacation.
  22. Pray for a young child at Water Street who has severe language delays, is impulsive, has trouble taking turns and has a limited concept of sharing. Pray that God would use our Children’s Ministry team in a mighty way.
  23. Praise for the generous farmers and gardeners who donate fresh fruits & vegetables so our community can have healthy food from our community food distribution.
  24. Praise God for Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Elizabethtown for taking their VBS on the road to Water Street! We’re excited for the kids to be blessed with this experience.
  25. Praise for the grant from Wells Fargo that will help improve, update and revitalize the community of South West Lancaster.
  26. Pray that the need for canned food for our Community food distribution will be met.
  27. Pray for the community people who come through our doors for help with food, that we can be a light for Jesus and a witness for Him.
  28. Pray for the Executive committee meeting today.
  29. Praise for a full-time therapist from Philhaven.
  30. Pray for those struggling to find truth. Pray that they will discover God’s truth through the community and support at Water Street.
  31. Praise for accountability and support systems, which help the guests and residents move forward on their road to recovery.

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